Commissions: open

Any complexity, up to fullbody. Character may have a small or medium-sized prop.Any major revision after line art/clean-up is started will be considered a new commission.

TypeSingle character+1 character or complex prop
Illustration with background$200+ $100
Illustration (very simple or no background)$130+ $100
Animation (up to 30 frames)$370+ $300
Icon$50+ $50
Make commission private+ 100%
Additional small or medium sized prop+ $15
Additional frames (per character)+ $5 each frame
Two minor revisions at any stepfree
Additional sketch/minor revision+ $10
Feature my character in an illustration+ $80

Please use the contact or commission form as I rarely check DMs on social media!

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the following terms.1. Payment details and commission process:- 1.1. You must be at least 18 years old.
- 1.2. I accept payments through Patreon, Buy Me a Coffee or Boosty only. That will require a client to have a registered account.
- 1.3. Half of the payment is required upfront after I approve your order. You'll have to cancel the subscription manually after the payment has gone through (if you paid through Patreon).
- 1.4. Payments through Boosty may be divided into parts if the commission price exceeds $100. If you pay through Patreon, sales tax may be added to the tier price by the platform (amount of tax depends on your country's laws).
- 1.5. Payment plans are available for commissions over $200.
- 1.6. After I finish the artwork, I'll show you a watermarked version via Google Drive. When the work is accepted, you'll be required to pay the last part of the payment, then I'll send you a Dropbox or a WeTransfer file download link to the address you used to contact me.
- 1.7. File extensions — for illustrations: .png, 300dpi, up to 4000px; for animations: .gif up to 10Mb and Full HD .mp4.
- 1.8. Please have all the necessary info and payment ready by the time your commission is accepted. A reference sheet is a must.
- 1.9. I'll be showing you all the following steps during work as soon as they're ready: sketch, line art, coloring + full shading, background.
- 1.10. Please do not alter the finished work. If you use it somewhere where cropping is necessary (banners, avatars, etc), please credit me in the description or any info section.
- 1.11. Private commission means I can not share it in my gallery and use it for commercial purposes, but you can edit it and remove credits.
- 1.12. Commissioned work is for non-commercial use only.
2. Animation:- 2.1. My animations are at 12 fps.
- 2.2. I will alter a character's design a bit so it suits my style and becomes easier to animate.
- 2.3. I'll be showing you the following steps: a sketch of the first keyframe, rough animation, clean-up, coloring, shading, final animation with an added background.
- 2.4. If your character has specific elements that you want to keep (such as fur patterns, accessories, symbols/text, gradient colors, props), please let me know.
3. Cancellations & refunds:- 3.1. Refunds are only available on Patreon.
- 3.2. Both the artist and the client reserve the right to cancel the commission anytime without explanation. Both parties must notify about cancellation ASAP.
- 3.3. Commission will be canceled if the client is unresponsive for more than 14 days.
- 3.4. Any amount of work left after the client's cancellation may be reused for my future paid or personal work.
- 3.5. If you cancel your order or don't respond in time, I can issue a full, or no refund. The final decision is left to my sole discretion and is usually based on the amount of work done or time spent on the artwork.
- 3.6. If I cancel the commission, you'll get a full refund unless the cancellation was caused by your behavior.
- 3.7. Partial refunds are not available due to the nature of the platforms.
- 3.8. Finished artwork is not refundable.
4. Deadlines & revisions:- 4.1. I will give you an estimated deadline as soon as the sketch is accepted. If something unexpected happens, I will notify you about any changes.
- 4.2. Approximate turnaround time: one month. Since every case is unique, time may vary.
- 4.3. Major sketch revision includes a complete change of posing or angle.
- 4.4. Minor revisions include color change, slight moving/scaling of a character, editing details on a sketch, etc.
- 4.5. Any major revision requested after the line art/clean-up is started will be considered a new commission.
5. Featuring my characters:- 5.1. No revisions regarding their colors and body shape.
- 5.2. I may refuse to draw my OCs if the idea is out of character.
6. I don't draw:- Animated backgrounds
- Reference sheets
- Telegram stickers
- Extreme fetishes, NSFW foot-fetish, NSFW macro/micro, gore (candy gore is OK)
- Licensed characters (fan characters are OK)
- Any Pokémon characters
- Ferals
- Humans (humanoid/human-like characters are OK)
- Digitigrade or unguligrade legs, zoomorphic private body parts
- Real-life historical events, political or military themes

Commission form
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